24 Hour Podcast – Raising Funds for Disabled Veterans

24hrpodcast is raising funds for the Disabled Veterans of America; please listen and donate!
Once again the amazing Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central is conducting a 24 Hour Podcast Marathon to raise donations for Disabled Veterans. Once again I am going to be a guest on the show, and as I’ll be arriving at Todd’s 23rd hour, I am working on some outlandish things to say to make sure he stays awake!

I’ve embedded the live video stream from Todd’s uSteam account. Show is over; streaming window removed. You can find old link here though. The most important thing though, is to visit the site and make a donation. Yes, of course the government should be doing more to help the vets, but they aren’t. So we can. And feel really good about it too. I am donating in honor of my father, a WWII vet, who is struggling to stay alive another few months. Who can you honor with your gift? I’d like to know – as I would like to give you both a shout out on the live show.

Catch me at 5 am HST = 7 am PST = 10 am EST.
Check your time here.