Tweet-Book with Toby Bloomberg Video Chapter

toby_bloombergDoes that title look like a foreign language? Somedays it feels like the web truly is its onw country. There certainly is a lot of jargon and even more unique behaviors and business practices that are found only online. I am sharing one of those practices in this post and several tech terms. Follow the links to learn more or see the concepts in action on live web pages.

A colleague and friend of mine, Toby Bloomberg, is writing a “Tweet-Book” on Social Media Marketing. She is featuring different authors for each chapter, drawing from her extensive network. She is a great example of someone who not only shares her knowledge but her network too. Here is how Toby defines a tweet-book:

It’s a book written using Twitter as platform and distribution channel. Social Media Marketing GPS #smgps is the first business book to experiment with this format. This Twitter-book is structured as a “real” business book and includes: a foreword, introduction and chapters. Each chapter will have a 1 question interview with people knowledgeable about the topic. All posts will be hash-tagged #smgps.

Toby asked me to author the chapter on Internet Video, and I happily agreed. I wrote all of my postings in advance (18 in total). This was to be able to send the content easily to Toby and to be able to organize my thoughts. The Twitter stream shows newest first, tho Toby is going to publish these in ascending numerical order. So that meant that each tweet message should have enough info to not only stand alone but to make sense regardless of wich order someone was reading them. Each tweet is numbered, to make the conversation a little easier to follow.

Toby can easily find this content because she is using a hashtag: #smgps. Each tweet must include that tag or label to be aggregated, or automatically collected, online. That makes it easy for Toby to grab the content because it automatically filters out any unrelated tweets that might be in my timeline – which is the listing of Twitter messages I have posted.

Now, I did have a bad link in one of my tweets so I added an addendum to correct it. (And corrected the original version here, tho I cannot do that in Twitter, sadly. Here follows the conversation, in order posted.

  1. Online Video Chapter of the tweet-book created by @TobyDiva 1 #smgps. Aloha & Welcome! Stay tuned for tips and tricks. from twhirl
  2. Online video: If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is priceless! And the web has surely noticed. 2 #smgps from twhirl
  3. Online video comes in 4 flavors: live-stream, talking head cam, edited shows, & screen cast tutorial 3 #smgps from twhirl
  4. Online video takes more time/equipment to produce & yet is more compelling & transparent than text or audio blogging 4 #smgps from twhirl
  5. Online video hosting is free at these sites:,,, & many more 5 #smgps from twhirl
  6. Online video: YouTube is home to quality shows like JNJ Health Channel from Johnson & Johnson; don’t dismiss it for your business 6 #smgps from twhirl
  7. Online video delivers max results when you provide both a Flash version that allows embed sharing plus an RSS feed for iTunes 7 #smgps from twhirl
  8. Online video: curiously, audio quality is more important than picture quality. Invest in an external mic & supported camera 8 #smgps from twhirl
  9. Online video: When it is nearly free to produce and host, why don’t you or your company have its own internet TV show yet? ;-p 9 #smgps from twhirl
  10. Online video: Do you have something to say? Yes. If you freeze in front of the camera, practice on unimportant topics first.10 #smgps from twhirl
  11. Online video: Consider having your business sponsor an existing show with built-in audience to get the feel of how video works 11 #smgps from twhirl
  12. Online video: Conversion rates & brand recall are several fold higher with podcasting ads than with banner or text ads 12 #smgps from twhirl
  13. Online video book reference: Web Video: Making It Great, Getting It Noticed by Jennie Bourne 13 #smgps from twhirl [Link corrected!]
  14. Online video work flow tip: build a template with recurring items: theme music, URL, contact info, copyright, logo 14 #smgps from twhirl
  15. Online video branding tip: use the same theme for recurring episodes and have your own original music 15 #smgps from twhirl
  16. Online video marketing tip: post your videos to to auto cross-post to multiple sites & get stats 16 #smgps from twhirl
  17. Online video: join us at for more howto and business case studies using video 17 #smgps from twhirl
  18. Online video: Chill out in #Hawaii with us on Beach Walks with Rox,, Aloha & Mahalo for joining us! 18 #smgps from twhirl

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