Your Personal Brand is an Opportunity for Freedom

lc09_group_final_250I am speaking on a Social Web Panel at the YWCA this week on Tuesday, May 5th, along with Laurel Boylen of and Kelly Mitchell of Prudential. Here is a little blurb I wrote for their newsletter as supporting inspiration.

The talk is for members only; maybe this is a good time to join?

I just did!

The social web is all about connecting with others and having conversations. The foundational question that is continuously asked in the background of peoples minds is, “Who are you?” This is answered in everything you do online. Every email you send, every screen name you create, every network you join, and the people with whom you connect, all add to the collective definition of who you are as perceived by others.

UPDATE June 30, 2009: The YWCA has posted photos here from the event.

The internet is also an archive, and there are sites (such as that are capturing copies of nearly every web page. So even if you remove a page that was the “old you” it’s probably still out there. The bad news to some is that those old hair styles you wore can still be found, but the bigger good news IMO (in my opinion) is that you can let go of trying to be perfect every single day. The aspects of humanity that make us most lovable and most real, are our slips as much as our achievements.

Whether you are communicating for a company where you work or only on your own web sites, you are showing the world who you are, how you think, and what you stand for. That is enormously helpful to others in deciding whether they want to move closer or walk on by.

This is incredibly liberating!

You no longer have to bland yourself down to be palatable to “everyone.” You can be *YOU* and that actually makes it easier for people to find you who want someone just like *you*.


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