Rox Speaking at Meeting Professionals International

MPI_logo_withBarI am giving the keynote address and several workshops today at the Aloha Chapter of Meeting Planners International. I am joined by my friend and colleague, Tess Staadecker, with whom I work closely at the Social Media Club Hawaii Chapter. I must say I loved Philip Richardson‘s introduction of me!  The picture tells the story best. (Philip I corrected the title of this post – mahalo for pointing that out to me.) It was also wonderful to have guests from Maui and from so many different industries joining us at the beautiful Hilton Waikiki Prince Kuhio Hotel.

The meetings and events industry has been slow to adopt social web practices, so I think they are going to be ecstatic when they see how many tools exist that are perfectly made for helping them do business and support their clients!

UPDATE 11:15 pm, 9/15/09: The slide deck is now posted at the sharing site,; I hope to add the audio track shortly and Tess will be sending over her slides too. Here is a link to the Social Media Revolution video I shared with you also.

For now, here are some of the sites we discussed:
Eventbrite – Event registration and management service
Meetup and Upcoming – Event calendars made for sharing – for a free, hosted every event should have its own blog! – to get the free software to install on your own web server, plus themes and plugins
Twtvite – Managing events via Twitter
Social Media Club Hawaii Chapter – professional association for business use of social media; meetings are free and open to the public (hosted for free on
KnowHow Café – our sister site with training programs; join our mailing list and get a free eBook on Online Identity (use promo code “event”).
Podcamp Hawaii – the free unconference I produced last year by, for, and with social media
Socialize Your Event – Social media ideas for event management (our site too)
Flickr – the photo sharing social network – the URL shortener I use that tracks click data for you
Email List Management with Social Features – Vertical Response, iContact, Constant Contact
Robust Email Management for large lists and complex auto-responders –  aWeber
Share This – the tool that lets you share web content in one click to other social networks

Plus the usual suspects, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Regarding our tag: #mpi-aloha. If you look on Twitter, it only adds the automatic link to “#mpi.” I learned too late that Twitter ignores everything that follows any punctuation in a hashtag. So as an organization, you may want to have a more linkable tag tho less readable tag as #mpialoha. Or, leave as is, knowing that your tagged events will also show up in the feed for #mpi. You can still search for the full phrase though. Filed under “Learn something every day.”

Here is the PDF I showed to explain the structure and function of blogs.

Thank you very much for inviting me and Tess to speak to your organization. Please let me know if I forgot anything here – there are lots of links for you to explore! We look forward to seeing you on various social networks soon! Now leave a comment and tell me what you learned and/or use the “Share This” link immediately below to tell your friends and colleagues about this post!