Why Google Loves WordPress

matt-cuttsAlthough my friend Lorelle snickers a little when people are drawn to blogging exclusively for the amazing SEO (“search engine optimization” benefits), there is no doubt that running your web site on a blog software platform can do wonders for your business’s ability to be found on Google searches.

I often get asked which blogging platform I recommend, combined with “what about Blogger, Squarespace, Movable Type, etc?” I am a “WordPress hands-down, no question, no doubts” kind of person. The admin interface is a dream, the range of design themes and plug-ins that extend its functionality are best in class and far exceed what is available for all of the other blogging platformscombined, and now, there is word straight from Matt Cutts himself that WordPress plays best with Google.

Matt Cutts has worked at Google since 2000, and knows as well as anyone how Google ranks web sites and how web sites can better interact with Google to get positive search results. Here’s the money quote from his talk at WordCamp in San Francisco this past May, 2009:

WordPress takes care of 80-90% of (the mechanics of) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Check out his entire slide presentation here. The money quote is on slide 12.

So really, you can stop wondering now and go get yourself a WordPress blog! By the way, it’s not that Lorelle is against SEO, she is just a very pro-active proponent of the conversational and connecting strengths of blogging first. The SEO comes second or third in her priorities.