Executive Overview of Social Media for the C’s


I had an opportunity to speak with the “c”s at a leading Hawaii company today. That’s shorthand for the CEO, the CFO, the CTO, the CLO, etc. As is standard practice, I do not disclose our consulting clients unless the client wishes to do so. They shall remain anonymous for now.

I love doing this type of session – one and half hours of touring the social web and discussing the implications for marketing, customer service, new lines of business, technology, and of course the ever-present legal and HR concerns. Plus I enjoy working with smart people whose questions help me dig into my own background and experience.

I am the personality type that actually gets smarter and energized by interacting with others, so you can see why I am drawn to this type of work. In today’s case, the team member who has been implementing the social web assets was also present, adding very relevant information that I did not have regarding the company’s current status. The only thing I forgot was to take my easy button!

I like to share my presentations; today I created a small Quicktime movie that can be viewed on iPhones and video-enabled devices. I didn’t want to clog the client’s network with a large attachment so I chose to create this post and make the file available for download here, in case any of you readers find it useful. It includes a copy of Eric Qualman’s awesome YouTube video, the Social Media Revolution, which we used to open the meeting.

Download my presentation, Social Media: Hidden Pearls or Time Waster? as a Quicktime movie. (28 MB; slides without audio plus the embedded movie)

FYI the feedback was awesome. If your company or a company you know if would like to have the business message of social media delivered to your executives, please contact me. I have an ability to converse with strategic thinkers who may not be technical but who desire to be innovators in their organizations and industries.