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Using Social Media to Differentiate

Picture 2I was invited to speak last week at the Sales and Marketing Executives meeting here in Honolulu, which featured Governor Linda Lingle as the keynote speaker. The topic was “Using Social Media to Differentiate.” I have posted my presentation file at Slideshare and also uploaded the five video episode snips I created to represent a few of the many case studies in the talk.

You can view the slide show here.
You can download a PDF of the slides here.

David Jones v Microchip

Watch the original video from David Jones.
Watch the original video from Microchip.

Blendtec Listens to & Surprises Customers

Watch the original video.

Johnson & Johnson Shares Even the Bad News

Watch the original video.

Gary Vaynerchuk Says Stop Waiting

Watch the original video.

The US Navy’s Social Media Policy

Watch the original video.