Nonprofits Getting Started with Social Media

high-altitude-viewI participated in a panel on social media for nonprofits today, hosted by the Hawaii Community Foundation. It was held at the beautiful Hawaii Convention Center, and I was joined by colleagues Christine Lu, Chris Noble, and Olin Lagon. Local newscaster Dan Cooke was our social media-savvy moderator.

We made a last minute decision to live-stream the presentations, which were held in the morning and afternoon sessions. This may sound crazy, but I can feel a palpable energy boost in the room when I am live-streaming. The attention of the extended audience “out there” on the internet, does come into the room! We had close to 50 people, from as far away as Detroit, Michigan, and many from the neighbor islands, including @EastHawaiiArts who could not make it in person.

I was really impressed with the quality of questions and the passion that lit up in so many people’s eyes! In the brief conversations I had with folks afterwards, the ideas they had already generated were amazing! We talked about organizing some training to help people set up their accounts and learn how to start telling their powerful stories. If you are interested, please join the mailing list at our training site, KnowHow Cafe, so you will receive notifications about upcoming events! (Use coupon “rox” so we know how you found us please! And everyone who signs up receives a Free eBook on creating your online identity.)

I am using yet another social network, SlideShare, to post the slides from my overview segment, and added the audio sound track – as captured by the live video stream!

View the slides and audio on SlideShare. (13:26)
Watch the entire sessions recorded from the live stream at

UPDATE: Here is some coverage of this event.
Wayne Yohioka of Hawaii Public Radio with highlights of our session.
Olin posted his video and blog at While there, please join and add your actions of support to the community.

Mahalos to Kaimana Pine and Neenz Faleafine who helped keep the conversation alive in the live stream chat room yesterday.