Social Media: Making Business Fun Again

When speaking to newbies about the what, where, why, and how of social media, I often remark how social media seems to help business people actually have fun again with their business! We all go into business because we like doing something – be it fixing cars, flying planes, making muffins, or creating ad campaigns.

But then we get bogged down with hiring and firing, taxes, government regulations, market share, and all matter of other requirements that for many of us are no. fun. at. all.

Along comes social media which is so conversational, creative, interactive, mostly free and bam! Business is fun again. Here are a few examples inspiring me today:

1. Star Wars Remake – Crowd-Sourced Edition

star wars uncut logoYou know your fans truly love you when they assemble themselves together out of the messy soup that is the internet to create “a shot-for-shot crowd-sourced remake of “Star Wars,” diced into 15-second segments and re-created, reenacted, reanimated and recontextualized piece by piece by fans from around the world.” Amazing! Hilarious! Genius! Power to the people! Love in action! You get my point. And for Casey Pugh, you made my day. I had heard about this way back when, and had completey forgotten. Now hop over to to watch it, visit the LATimes to read the full story and watch a few clips, and if you are in Honolulu or San Francisco, please drop into Blue Hawaii Lifestyle for a snack and tell Matt Olson “thanks for sharing this story with Rox!”

2. JetBlue “All You Can Jet” Pass

I heard about this today on the radio at It was literally a 30-day pass, fly as much as you want wherever you want. Similar to what Cathay Pacific has been running for years over there in beautiful Southeast Asia. But now, we have the power of the internet and word-of-mouth marketing by consumers, to consumers, for consumers. Read this (with a British accent) from JetBlue Corporate Commercialization Officer Robin Hayes:

“I think it’s fair to say we were gobsmacked with the success of All You Can Jet,” says Robin Hayes, the airline’s chief commercial officer. “I would describe that as a nonstop party. We had flights with 80, 100 All You Can Jetters on them. I mean it really was 30 days of a very carnival-like atmosphere at JetBlue.” To add to the carnival-like atmosphere, JetBlue is helping its “Jetters” get organized, with a Facebook page where travelers can make plans to meet up, ask advice, post their personal dos and don’ts, or list their favorites spots.

Too bad they don’t fly to Hawaiʻi…

3. Mailing a Package Becomes a Video Tutorial

rox and a usps shipping boxShane and I are developing KnowHow Cafe, an online learning community. I save snippets of things all the time, for future Quick Tips and tutorials. One of them relates to how to manage file extensions – a rather boring topic but something that can stop you dead in your tracks if you don’t KnowHow to work around them. My example is the website, on a Mac. But then this morning, in real life, Shane comes to me and asks for a mailing label for a package he is sending to his sister in a USPS Priority Mail box. (I love how they give those boxes away!) So we shot a little video, involving him with the box, me with the bathroom scale, and a few screenshots from the website. The tutorial is coming soon! (Be sure to join our free email list at It was a lot more fun than just typing up another boring list of how to manage messy file extensions – though we will offer both. David Pogue, at the NYTimes, does a great job on these. He writes a column and he produces a video of same; we subscribe via Tivo and watch it in the living room for entertainment and education!

4. WOMMA Awards Are Looking for Your Story!

womma logoAs head of the local chapter of Social Media Club, I was contacted by Steve Ziemba at WOMMA – the “official” organization promoting best practices in word-of-marketing marketing, to help spread the word about their current award campaign, the WOMMY Awards. Visit them to learn more here about submitting your example of using word-of-mouth to build your brand – oops! – I mean have fun using social media in your business!