A Conversation About Social Media Influence #SMSHI

In the spirit of transparency and speed, I am posting the notes I made as moderator of the Social Media Influence Panel at the Social Media Seminar being hosted by Technology News Bytes with their nonprofit partner, Social Media Club Hawaii Chapter. Stay tuned; I will be updating this post!

Please add your opinions/question in the comments or on Twitter; we are using the hashtag #SMSHI. This conversation will run from 10 am – 10:40 am HST today, April 14. Find me on Twitter @roxannedarling.

For background, I find Tom Webster’s work best in class. Read his blog at BrandSavant.com and follow him on Twitter @webby2001.

For Tammi Hitchcock: (Based on your work with small Hawaii businesses)
– what factors do you consider when trying to build influence online for a client
– what tactics do you use to accomplish that
– what works and what doesn’t work in your experience
– case studies and real examples are very welcome

For Rob Bertholf: (Based on your work building things and SEO expertise)
– what are the top “crossover” factors that build SERP AND socmed influence
– what tools do you use to measure/monitor online influence
– which ones work well for what factors, or not?
– case studies and real examples are very welcome

For Tara Coomans: (Based on your marketing experience and socmed practice)
– are clients interested in understanding and/or measuring influence factors
– what different strategies do you based on the type/size company
– what do you see as the failings of online influence measures
– case studies and real examples are very welcome

For all:
How important are twitter rankings in the overall online influence question
What are the qualitative tools important for building influence
How much “gaming” of the system is taking place IYO
Would you rather have a high Klout score or be on page 1-2 for a first-name-only SERP on Google?
Would you rather have 500+ connections on LinkedIn or 5000 followers on Twitter?
Would you rather see influence be used to create change or achieve personal power?
What forest are we not seeing by focusing on the trees?
Does this work differently in Hawaii?

How will you use your influence? Are you about sharing, connecting, and uplifting? Support causes – one of the better ways to improve your influence and do good. Let’s tweet some Hawaii nonprofits! Make some donations. Share some link love.

We will naturally show HawaiiKlout.com built by our Rob Bertholf and provide links to these:
Klout – What’s it all about by Tara Coomans
Social Scoring will change your life