What is Social Media Club Hawaii?

If you are in a hurry, watch the one-minute video!

If you have a minute or two, I’ll give you some more info. Shane and I are founding members of the Social Media Club, a nonprofit educational organization celebrating its fifth year in existence. It was started by Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells in San Francisco, with the motto of “If you get it, share it.”

Unlike so many other professional associations, that aim to keep much of their professional intelligence inside the circle of practitioners, SMC always envisioned a very open tent where everyone was welcome to come and share, learn, and improve on the practice of social media. To date, there are over 90 chapters worldwide, from Boston to Bahrain, from Honolulu to Utrecht. You will find tremendous diversity throughout our member ranks yet we all share a love of social media and its ability to help us communicate and create community unlike anything ever before.

The funny thing here is that I have been doing video for over 5 years at our Beachwalks.tv show, have taught countless seminars and conference presentations on how to use video, and yet! It has taken me until today to sit down and make a simple video for our local Hawaii chapter! I started the chapter back in 2008 at the time of Podcamp Hawaii in hopes that it would give us a connection to the larger world of social media peeps and to have a framework to grow awareness here at home. Indeed it has, as we are now one of the top 15 chapters in the world based on professional members. You can see all of our local members in the sidebar of the SMCHI website.

Tomorrow we have our quarterly event, with the topic “How To Buy Social Media Services.” I guess the time has come as we have nearly 100 people pre-registered! Note we have only used social media platforms to promote this event, as the local traditional business press won’t return our emails. It goes to show how we can become the media and support each other directly.

I always say, it is never too late to get started, and today, I am taking my own advice! And congratulating our official Social Media Club community of over 100,000 members worldwide! I hope you will join us soon and be sure to get on our email list now.