Managing Your Time, Attention, and Personas

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This post title was crafted for me inadvertently by Mike McClure, in a tweet he posted with information about a conversation I will be leading this Thursday in Detroit. It is being hosted by the Social Media Club Detroit chapter and the #Tweetea community, with the venue provided by ePrize. As I am in the process of writing a lot these days, I wanted to bounce some ideas around the room in Metro Detroit (aka “the D”) to get new perspectives and possibly some case studies.

My working title for the book is “Running Your Business As If None of It Matters.”

Just in the run up to this event, several ideas have shown up. I present four of them to you here, in gratitude to my new friends in the D, as I look forward to many more (ideas and friendships!) come Thursday, 6 October 2011.

Walk Through Discomfort via Samantha Welter

photo of Samantha WelterI want to share this blog entry from Samantha, as it illustrates really well three of the concepts I feature in my book: creating comfort with uncertainty, the luxury of living in a time when we can actually be who we are, and the mechanical truth that sharing some of our inner thoughts actually builds self-confidence. Here is her money quote, for me:

Add in the fact that social media relationships have an interesting business-mixed-with-pleasure dynamic, and it can be hard to ascertain who is real and who is just marketing themselves as real. In the age of the personal brand, taking the brand out of the personal can be an uncommon occurrence.
I’ll admit that I’m relatively uncomfortable putting this out there. But again, I have to walk through the discomfort and be true to myself.

This is a Game and It is Real via Therran Oliphant

profile pic and quote for Therran OliphantOne of my activities in advance of the Detroit trip was to create and share a circle on Google+, asking for assistance on people to add. As I added people, I visited their profile pages so I could learn about them. (I just love how social media enables us to meet and greet in advance of doing the same in person! It adds so much energy and high vibes to events in my experience.) This is how I met Therran Oliphant, whose short tagline got my attention. “This is not a drill. Play like you’re in the game.” The word “game” is one of my green flags – as I do believe we are all playing one huge game here on earth. To frame this as a game, which is something fun, challenging, and “just a game” changes my perspective, soothes my worries, inspires my creativity, and so on. It is altogether different than the framework of “life or death” importance. I am enjoying teasing apart the conflicts we have in playing vs. working. Social media actually has played a role in bringing the fun back to work, and we have only just begin IMO!

Crowdsourcing of the Unlimited Kind with Mike McClure

photo of Mike McClurePardon the Star Wars hijack, however I think we are just beginning to really take advantage of “crowdsourcing.” For most of us, this means tossing a question on Twitter and waiting for the answers to flow in, from our fellow humans. The next step of that for me is to just have the intention, and then let the answers flow in. I have been wanting to write this blog entry for a few days. But the focus was not present for me. To be fair (to me!) I have been moving in the past few days to our new home on Maui. And I am getting on a plane tonight for the D. Yet I also like to wait until it feels right. If age has taught me anything, it is that there is always enough time if I stay grounded. So this morning I read my mentions on Twitter, and right there, from @mikekmcclure, was the title of this entry. From there, all else has flowed. Let’s talk about the third step of this process at #Tweetea!

Harmonic Convergence with Nikki Little

photo of Nikki LittleAfter I posted on the Facebook wall for SMCD about being in the area, Nikki reached out to me about organizing an event during my visit. Though our connection is social media on the surface, when I went to her personal blog, Essential Elements, I realized instantly this was a more soulful convergence. She is a PR and Communications professional, so I assume she does not write without intention and forethought. I fell in love with her blog categories: Creativity, Happiness, Love, Passion, Positivity, and Success. What more needs to be said? Only that I am so grateful to Nikki for spending her time and energy to help welcome me back to Detroit – a place where I spent many years growing up, more often than not filled with the angst and turmoil of feeling as if I had been dropped in the wrong nest!

Clearly, that has changed, now hasn’t it? I look forward to seeing you on Thursday, arms full of Aloha coming your way to the D!

Please bring your ideas of how life is working for you outside of traditional rules and tribal practices, and/or how social media has expanded your confidence and consciousness.