How to Contribute to an Open Playlist on Spotify

My colleague and brilliant marketer, Tara Coomans, created an open playlist on the music sharing service Spotify, and has invited anyone to help beef up the party mix for our annual Hawaii Social Media Year in Review partee. Yes, of course you are invited!

But about the Spotify Playlist: Great idea! I thought. But it is easier said than done. So here is a quick cheat sheet. Of course, you will require a Spotify account before you can add any songs to the playlist.

  1. Visit Spotify and set up your account.
  2. Then navigate to Tara’s playlist.
  3. Then click the “I have Spotify” button and the desktop app will open for you if it is not already open, and take you to the playlist.
  4. Subscribe to the SMCHI Playlist.
  5. Peruse the current songs, then decide what song you would like to add next.
  6. Use the Search function to find your way to that song.
  7. Then right-click on the album art and choose “Add to > SMCHI Playlist.”
  8. Or, if you are on the iPad, click the small “i” in the upper left corner, then choose “+ Add to” > The SMCHI Playlist.

This was a quick and unfancy post – and I hope it helps!

See you on the dance floor,