Sprout Social for Social Media Interaction and Analytics

sprout social logoI’ve started using Sprout Social to manage the social media for one of my client projects and I LOVE it! This is just a short post to weigh in on how much a user interface matters these days.

  • Raise your hand if you are on the computer a lot. #ScreenFatigue
  • Raise your hand if you have a lot of social media incomings and should have a lot of outgoings, whether you are meeting your expectations or not. #Overwhelmed
  • Raise your hand if someone somewhere wants to know what the heck you do all day! #ShowMeTheNumbers
  • Raise your hand if you like one stop shopping and accounting. #DontMakeMeRunAround

    Well Sprout Social does all this and more for me. I have had major resistance to using HootSuite. I give them credit for being early in the space to attempt a lot of integration and advanced functionality. But I find it soooo sloooow and I find the interface so unpleasant. Then along comes Sprout Social which is fast, so easy on my eyes, with such an intuitive user interface, straightforward pricing, alive customer support…!

    Cherry on top? They have weekly webinars that are actually useful – including rockstar audience members. You know something is really good (at least from the social media point of view) when the people it attracts are top shelf. And a really helpful blog. And real people to answer questions.

    I’ve attached here screenshot of one action in sprout sociala screenshot of just one screen that opens up in a cascade only as you ask it for more options. (Click to view the screen shot full size.) Such a delight! It found a YouTube video for me (via Web Alerts I set up), then allowed me to draft a message, which I then chose to post to several places at once, and then offered me the chance to schedule it, based on their user data recommendations!

    What I used to dread doing, I now look forward to. That, folks, is how important a user interface (and it’s underlying features of course) is to me! In case you are wondering, I am a paying customer, plain and simple. It’s just so rare that companies aka people do something so well – it deserves a shout out!