Web Workers

keyboard with a share buttonOur company was started in 1996 by Shane Robinson and a previous partner. In 2000 the partnership dissolved and Roxanne Darling joined Shane to rebrand the entreprise as Bare Feet Studios. At that time we had the hardest time with a new name as – don’t laugh! – all of the good web addresses were taken.

So as we sat around the desk of 6 people in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the winter, we noticed that no one was wearing shoes. And that the URL www.barefeetstudios.com was available! So our new name grew of a very simple attribute, yet it represented so many aspects of our core philosophy:

Take off your shoes, get comfortable, the internet is here to stay. We’ve got our bare feet planted firmly on the ground, and we’ll help you figure it out.

While some people still don’t have a website or have barely dipped their toes in the sand much less the water, we’ve grown webbed feet and now consider ourselves “digital natives.” The internet is our address and we commute to it from the north shore of Maui.

Shane started as a database programmer, I as a marketing and business consultant. He built his first web site in 1996; I built mine in 1998, all on my own! We share our love of Apple computers (we met at an Apple seminar…) and our love of the internet – though we love it for vastly different reasons. We’ve been blessed to have clients who have come all from word of mouth over the past 16 years, and two who remain with us almost the entire time.

We love sharing and have supported numerous nonprofit and grass roots organizations over the years. So when the tools of social media came along, we knew the world would be forever changed.