in the transition with rox logoRoxanne is a lifelong learner and her favorite topic is consciousness. For all, all roads lead to the big C! Being conscious means having less stress, being a more artful and compassionate communicator, heading off problems before they fester, and finding the humanity in each person regardless of their quirks, their shortcomings, and even their demands.

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In April 2009, Roxanne was initiated as a facilitator of enlightenment via a week long process. It used to take much longer, but like most everything else these days, the spiritual process of awakening to our larger selves is also speeding up! During this silent retreat she received direct downloads of — “grace” — you might call it – a literal shift in the frequency of her physical, emotional psychological, and spiritual being. This is what physicists refer to as the quantum field of intelligence. It feels like that place athletes call the zone. And bottom line, it is an engagement with forces beyond one’s own small sphere of heavy lifting!

For the past 12 years as a managing partner at Bare Feet Studios, Roxanne has rejected business as usual on many fronts, in favor of a more conscious, humane, and enlightening approach. You can read articles like Why I Rarely Answer My Phone (she is also our Sales Head, by the way!) and “The Customer’s Not Always Right. She loves integrating this love of consciousness with its proof at being successful in business. She has always been a pioneer – first dropping out of a PhD program in Marine Biology in 1977 to study ballet (having only started ballet 3 years earlier!) to teaching the first even Mind-Body Fitness session at the first ever aerobics convention (IDEA Fitness) in San Diego back in 1984. She put on the first Podcamp + Wordcamp in Hawaii in 2008 – the first UnConference in the state held at the hawaii Convention Center.

She knows now that business people consume volumes of how-to books regarding success, work-life balance, relationships, and more. She has the ability to help people fast track through these speed bumps and to make sense of how to tap into forces that our outside of the usual circle of CPAs and programmers. She likes to think of them as the quantum force field – literal energy that can be tapped to solve business as well as personal challenges. She loves sharing this with others; just reach out and ask if you are curious! Email Roxanne to inquire about using quantum energy to make your life easier and more free.