The Next New Thing: Tapping into Quantum Energy to Support Your Business Goals

Before I launch into a discussion of just what the heck is “The Next New Thing: Tapping into Quantum Energy to Support Your Business Goals” I want to set the framework for my life’s experience. This isn’t something I just randomly tripped over; it is something that has been building in the background most of my life.

I’ve been first in many trends most of my life. Initially I just thought I was weird and often tried to dampen my curiosities or justify them. Now we have the term: early adopter! So I am going to share some of my history with you to make the case that even if you think using quantum energy to support your business is weird, I have a well-established track record of being at the front end of some of the major trends of the past 40-50 years! Enjoy the ride… and click the thumbnails to see larger versions of historical me. Good for a few laughs!

rox and her hobie surfboard in south carolinaI was one of the first to wear a mini skirt in high school; I also sewed and recall that I only needed 14″ for the length. As Guy Kawasaki would say, Holy Kaw! At the boarding school I attended in North Carolina in 1968, I had to pin a strip of paper to the hem to pass muster on some days. Twiggy was my role model. I also was the first female surfer in our Myrtle Beach , SC community. My dad secretly had a custom Hobie board built for me when I was 16 (1968) and I was the “it” girl that summer.

roxanne darling scuba divingIn 1974, I was in the first graduating class at UC Berkeley that allowed students to write their own major. I got a Bachelor of Science, and my field was Marine Ecology – a combination of traditional biological sciences, a study of ecology (from the biologist’s point of view) and environmental studies. I was one of the first female teaching assistants in the University’s Research Scientist SCUBA certification course – 10 weeks of near hell, designed by a Navy Seal. The course was required to dive on university research projects and be covered by campus insurance. When I first took it, I was sure I was failing, only to be asked to be a TA the next semester.

Can you even imagine going to college now and NOT writing your own curriculum?

rox teaching the first ACSM fitness course in TokyoSkip over a few careers and I owned the first aerobics studio in Santa Cruz, CA, after taking classes with Jane Fonda at her Beverly Hills studio – barefoot! – before aerobic shoes had been invented. In 1984, I taught the first ever low impact aerobics class at the first ever international aerobics convention. Two years later, I taught the first Mind-Body session, sold out well in advance with several hundred in attendance. A few years later I was the first to introduce mind-body fitness in Japan through the Japan Aerobics and Fitness Association and later in Germany and Switzerland. I went on to be on the team that wrote the exam for the first ever international fitness certification, now called the ACE exam, writing the first fitness certification prep book, called No Train, No Gain. I went on to be a lead instructor for the first time the American College of Sports Medicine took their certification outside of the US – in Tokyo. I was one of the first 20 instructors featured by Reebok as their evangelists and product testers. And I wrote the Judges Manual and was head judge for the first ever Crystal Light Aerobics Championships. (So, not rocket science but ground-breaking!)

Aerobics continues, almost 30 years later, and yes, many said it was “just a fad.”

roxanne darling on her laptop in florence italyI was “late” to being an Apple computer customer – I got my Macintosh 512K in 1986. Though remember I was an aerobics instructor…not exactly the target market! Nonetheless I promptly re-wrote my book in one of the first desktop publishing programs, Ready, Set, Go. I also installed Filemaker 2 and built my first database, storing all of the contacts from the fitness courses I had taught in 37 states and numerous countries. I somehow discovered Compuserve and was using email around 1992; then graduated to AOL in 1993 because I could make my own address instead of the batch of numbers CS automatically assigned us! I had my first laptop in 1997, and had to stop on the stairs of the duomo in Italy and write, so overwhelmed was I by the energy in the air!

In 1997 I built my first website using Claris Homepage. I cried when I clicked the Submit button – I could tangibly feel the potential connection I just made to people all around the world. From that moment, I realized that the internet was a huge spiritual gift to us – the power to be connected independently of geography, the ability to discover other people and ideas without any specific cause or linear explanation

I discovered there was magic in them there tubes!

roxanne darling and deepak chopra in 1992I began weaving back and forth between science and humanity, between fitness and self-esteem, between technology and business, between spirituality and psychotherapy. I met Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra in the early 90’s, I realized I had an unquenchable thirst for not just knowledge, but for happiness and freedom. I was one of the early students of Jack Canfield – taking his 10-day course long before he became the successful publisher of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. I developed a series of workshops and coined the term, Body Esteem. I created a recovery event in Santa Fe that was featured in a CNN documentary: it generated over 30,000 calls to the network – remember this was 1992 (or 1993?) before most people used email!

roxanne darling typing on an Apple Newton in Thailand in 1997In 1997, I traveled to southeast Asia for 6 weeks, sending and receiving emails via my Apple Newton and my trusty AOL dial-up connections. In December 1999, I changed my name to ride the wave of liberation that I sensed was rolling in with the millennium. Bye bye Mary Anne Benton, hello Roxanne Darling! I was surprised to learn how many others I encountered had done the same thing. It was the beginning of realizing that there were many here on the planet who were soul adventurers, willing to break the rules of their families and their tribes, as they sought a more authentic life experience.

I may be in the minority, but I am not alone.

So naturally I attracted my partner Shane Robinson in 1999, who also was an early geek but also an artist, a person who also left his home in Iowa to explore different career frontiers. But first! In 1993 I began consulting a channeler in Santa Fe. The entities that talked to me blew my mind by pointing out discrepancies in both my energy and my logic. Me being me, I talked to them a lot about business! And how to manage so-called difficult clients and how to give a more compelling presentation. I was still working in the health arena and one day I said something like “Well, everyone benefits from exercise!” as I had been taught, and was teaching. To which they replied, “Actually no, not everyone. For some people, exercise disrupts their energy and they find it quite disorienting.” If I had learned anything in biology, it was that every trait we can observe exists along a continuum between two extreme points. So of course this made sense.

More profoundly, they helped me to see that smoking is ok for some people. That there is no such thing as one size fits all or one formula that everyone should follow. (Yes, of course this made tremendous sense! How had I not seen and actually applied it before??) They continued to show me that we live in a subjective universe, not an objective universe. Perfectly reasonable people disagree about everything! And so I began my journey of discovering what are my true inner desires? How do I tune out the immense pressure of protocol and other people’s opinions that had built the high fences around my life for so long? It was immense.

One thing I knew was that I wanted direct access to this insight from out there.

And in late 2008 it appeared. I was laying on the sofa, surfing on my laptop, and somehow found a website for divine openings. Everything there made perfect sense and lined up with how I had been living my life, how Shane and I had built our business together, and how we were growing into a relationship. It was possible for me to communicate directly with this vast source of knowledge in the universe, this vast reservoir of energy – whose vibrations I could surf to all sorts of new destinations! I pursued it and in April, 2009 became one of the early divine openings givers. It took me a few years to really believe it was real. I danced on the edges of it, despite having interacted with non-human spirits for over 15 years! You see, the benefits just kept accruing. I sold a house on Oahu in March 2011, making a very large profit despite being in the so-called bottom of the market and having my first open house the day after the Japanese tsunami that literally had us very shook up here in Hawaii. We had not one but two buyers; the house was sold in 10 days for asking price.

I know that is because we were tapped into “the field” of universal intelligence.

My sensitivity to protocol has kept me from talking about how we mix business and spirituality. Silly though actually! I was involved in one of the early Business and Consciousness conferences out of Santa Fe, in the late 90’s – long before TED. In 2010, I read about an ad exec in New York City who is a shaman on the weekends. He too was concerned “What will my clients think?” But if social media and the internet has taught us anything, it is that we can show up as we are, quirks included. In fact, the more authentic we are, the easier it is for like-minded people (including buyers and sellers) to find us. The logic of the past, the division of personal life and business life, is now turned on its head!

Why would we do anything but show up as our whole, transparent selves?

divine openings for business logoSo I have launched my divine openings website where I am a consciousness connector working with spiritually inclined entrepreneurs and executives who want to use the latest technology and spirituality to achieve inner happiness and business success. I have had clients from Botswana and London, and all across the US and Canada. There are indeed forces in the universe that we can access to move things out of the way, to conceive of solutions that come from beyond direct experience, and that can produce for us in ways that we literally cannot imagine. This is perhaps my favorite early adopter adventure of all, because it is truly out of this world!

If you want our generic business services, we offer them gladly. But now you can also add a divine opening with that and get a turbo boost of support and input from the universe itself! The universe: that larger part of all of us that has been hidden away in an amnesiac phase of existence.

I have taken the time to lay out a sample of my history – to demonstrate my repeated positioning at the head of many trends that have gone mainstream. (I’ve skipped over the last 7 years as you can see all that already on the blog.) I’ve woken up enough in my own consciousness to realize that I am standing at the beginning of yet another huge shift in how we live. This time, I can happily and safely invite you to join me in the future, right here, right now. Start by getting on my email list; then consider joining the Divine Openings for Business LinkedIn group, liking my Divine Openings with Rox Facebook, and following @divinerox on Twitter. I know that I am a conduit. Imagine unlocking that with your talents and ability – we can accomplish unimaginable things! I am excited to see what all develops as we de-mystify the mystical and create tangible practical results by getting out of the way and letting grace assist.

If you actually made it all the way here, WOW! Mahalo for your time and your attention. Please share something with me now, about you.