Hospitality & Tourism Students Meet Social Media

Academy of Hospitality & Tourism logoThis Friday I am speaking to about 150 Maui high school students who are in the hospitality and tourism track. My friend Pomai Weigert, of Aliʻi Kula Lavender, is determined to get social media best practices embedded in our Maui tourism community as early as possible! She presented a number of awesome ideas at the Social Media Club Tourism event last October, and now we are taking action steps.

We three speakers have 45 minutes (repeated three times so all students get all presentations) to communicate our message. I am joined by Kainoa Horcajo and Jonelle Kamai of the Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association. Alongside our talks will be career counseling sessions, and Instagram contest, and a Jeopardy-style game at the end, using facts and figures from our talks!

I’ve been challenged to think about what can I share in 45 minutes to young people who are likely very mobile-savvy yet may not know all the moving parts of a successful social media campaign. Do I give them some history so they “grok” what this really means? Do I give them local Maui examples of who is doing it right (and do I dare mention examples of not so right?) The good news, with som much potential material, I won’t run out of things to discuss! Do I talk about the brain stress caused my multi-tasking?

What Do You Consider the Most Important Takeaways for Social Media and Tourism?

I’d love to hear your comments. Of course feel free to share any links as well; your own work is welcome!

I hope you will join our conversation on Twitter and Instagram. We will be using the hashtag #mauiaoht – for Maui Association of Hospitality and Tourism. The event is this Friday, January 25, and runs from 8:30 am to about 2 pm. Let’s show the young peeps how to have a lively and diverse conversation!

Over 20 Maui tourism-related businesses will be on hand. So there won’t be a lack of people to chat with! Here are a few to get you started: