Lexi Dogg

Lexi under the rainbow on her 13th birthday

Lexi Dogg is our studio dog, acquired back when we were in Santa Fe. She made the long trek over the ocean with us to Hawaii, and managed to survive 30 days in the then-required quarantine on Oahu. She is the star of our internet tv show, Beach Walks with Rox, and literally has fans all around the world who love her as much as we do!

Of course, the internet has really made visible humanity’s love of cats and dogs, and we now know they are so good for our health too. We think of Lexi as our company fitness trainer – she “requires” two walks a day which gets our butts out of the seats and out for a walk in the beautiful island that is Maui. She also serves as our unconditional love coach.

Yes, it was a trendy thing to bring your dog to work in the 90s when the internet started creating work places that were more people-friendly and less formal. But now we have large bodies of research confirming that animals – especially dogs – are literally sentient beings very close to humans. They are “not just animals.” But if you are reading this, you already know that most likely.

Enjoy a few more pics of our super special black labrador! Many people report feeling happier after looking at Lexi Dogg. By all means let us know if she has that effect on you too!

Lexi Dogg gazing at the fieldLexi Dogg cliff walking

UPDATE: Lexi Dogg departed May 19, 2014. We miss her so much yet trust that she is loving doggie heaven.