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I want to be your social media business coach, offering a mindful approach to using these tools, and especially dedicated to consultants, artists, small business owners, marketing managers, and nonprofits. This is an idea that has literally been on my wish list, years in the making. But it was only recently that I found an awesome web-based platform.

I think it’s time to get off your case for not using social media the way you want. I invite you to join my social media coaching program. It meets the strict requirements I know are essential for you to get things done while spending less time and less money:

  • A wide array of support and knowledge integrated in one place online;
  • Using the best practices of personal coaching methods;
  • Created expressly for small business owners, artists, consultants, and nonprofits;
  • Customizable to my standards for geekery and mindfulness;
  • Aimed at understanding and using social media tools;
  • Use for any personal or business goals you have!

What is it?

A private online community that offers daily personal support and numerous integrated tools to help you meet your social media goals.

  1. I have created a private online coaching community to help people like you, help yourself. More specifically, it is designed with consultants, small business owners, marketing managers, artists, and nonprofit directors in mind. In other words, people who wear many hats and want to feel more confident and/or consistent about using the power of social media.
  2. You can be located anywhere! This is a web-based system that I’ve licensed and customized to suit my 20+ years experience as a health and business coach, trainer, public speaker, and social media practitioner.
  3. Sessions run four (4) weeks at a time; you can sign up session to session or save about 15% for yourself by signing up quarterly.
  4. List your goals at the beginning of the session, in writing, on your personal profile. Then log in to report on your progress and give/receive support from the other 8-12 people in your assigned group.
  5. I will offer two (2) hour-long coaching and training phone calls each session, giving you specific tips and answering your questions.
  6. These calls are recorded so you can listen whenever and however it is convenient for you.
  7. You will also have access to a Discussion Forum, where all of us can share resources and you can find them easily.
  8. This software lets you log your time and insights, generating visual graphs of your accomplishments, motivating you to stick with your goals.
  9. It ends loneliness! You will be working alongside a small group of other professionals, with me as your coach. You share support and experience – not your actual work product. You can choose an anonymous nickname. Most people find that using their real first name adds to the success of the experience.
  10. We have a live chat room so you can interact with others in real time, in groups you organize yourself or by joining group working sessions that recur regularly throughout the session.

Please Note!

Unlike many internet promises, this is not a quick fix. Coaching is a long game; you set small attainable goals and build on the insights gained from your successes as well as obstacles, to arrive at the end of session stronger and smarter.

This is a membership – all signups are recurring until you cancel – and of course you can cancel anytime. This is part of the support: I want you to take your shoes off, settle in, and take as many sessions as you want to get your social mindset humming along in your business. I have been in a similar writer’s group for over 18 months, and I have no plans to quit. Why? Because I am getting so much better at writing, both the craft as well as the outcome, that I have no desire to stop being a part of my amazing group.

Sessions are currently closed to new enrollments.

Please be sure you are on my email list to get updates and a free bonus.

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