Stop Learning and Start Doing

Girl with chalkboard wisdom

It’s not often you’ll hear such a barking-style suggestion from me. But I’ve decided that analysis paralysis has taken on a whole new realm in the world of using the internet to grow your small business or entrepreneurial venture. Webinars proliferate. Joint Ventures and VIP Days are hot. You’ve got to know all about lead capture pages. What is happening in your sales funnel, by the way?

So for myself, I’ve spent the past year not launching things while stuffing my brain too full as if I were at a virtual all you can eat buffet, week after week. What all these marvelous learning opportunities did for me though, was erode my confidence and feed the panic-prone monkey mind, kid mind, in me. I’ve spent money. I’ve invested time. I’ve made plans and doubted many of them. Because I let myself be victimized by the “you’ve gotta know this to get that!” syndrome.

β€œAny fool can know. The point is to understand.”
― Albert Einstein

I’m just returning from the Wisdom 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. One of the things on my mind there, was the difference between the accumulation of knowledge and the experience of applied wisdom. You can go on meditation retreat after retreat, but without choosing to be present in the here and now, especially when the brown stuff is hitting the fan, is to miss the point as well as waste the buck.

ONE: Your business grows from the doing, not the learning.

There is always more to learn. Yes, some basic skills at the beginning of something new make the activity enormously more fun – safe – productive – rewarding. But when there are so many learning opportunities being presented for social media, for SEO, for growing your list, for meditation – it’s just way too easy to get caught up in student mode and miss out on launch mode. For people like me, who LOVE LEARNING, this is a consciousness challenge!

What I am learning to do, though, is to flip the order of events. Instead of learn first, and do second, I am switching to do first and learn as needed on the job. (This is partly out of respect for all the learning and doing I have already done! Yes, I wasn’t good at letting that stuff weigh in. Are you?)

TWO: Learning on the job is as good as it gets.

As to the Einstein quote above, how do you get to understanding? By getting in the mess and playing with it. Play until your tools are shredded, then go get some more. Find a support network who reflects back to you the things you value, your accomplishments, the difficulty of your challenges. That’s what we do in the Mindful Social Business Coaching program I’ve created. I think of it as an oasis, a respite, a quiet place to come and actually get things done, instead of gorging on more knowledge that may or may not be relevant to what there is to be done. Now.

THREE: Don’t let the scarcity marketing overwhelm you.

That’s what I keep telling myself when really appealing things come across my stream at times when I’m not ready or available, or they are not quite relevant. These things go straight to your limbic system, the old fear-based brain. I don’t want any part of that! I’m here for consciousness! I can acknowledge the lure, the desire, the value β€” but instead of buying, I just tag it and save it to Evernote. :-) I can check it out later, as needed.

The good news about the abundance of information products, is that when I hit a wall, I have a number of choices to tear down that wall. I just don’t have to go tearing down a bunch of walls that are not even in my neighborhood yet.

One of my favorite personal spiritual beliefs, is that I am safe. When I really let that weigh in, I am empowered to go forth and do and let the learning be an “on-demand” experience instead of my main focus.


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