To Do and Forget: Managing the Incomings with Todoist

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Todoist Review

I’ve been using Todoist to help me manage my to do list. A key part is being able to capture things so I can forget about them until they are relevant.

I am the lucky winner of a life that involves managing or participating in many different projects, and many different styles of projects. I’ve noticed that just keeping track of the ideas and the assignments had become a stressor extraordinaire. I love and use Basecamp for a few of my “top level” projects, as I can track or organize my diverse assets, messaging, and assignments there.

But for all the other stuff — the messy stuff that is sometimes work-related, sometimes dream-related, and often just plain personal — I was as much a mess as my list was. I was using a combination of Reminders on my iPhone/Mac (love the syncing and easy access while out and about) or scraps of paper (yes, old school, yet super fast when I’m on the phone or something), and god forbid, some things were left in email limbo.

Yes, all that is a little embarrassing to admit in public.

But not enough to stop me from sharing Todoist.

It’s a great app I learned about from my partner Shane, who I think learned about it from a podcast – guessing it was Tim Ferris. I resisted at first, because Shane’s life, from my perspective, is far less complicated in terms of the number and diversity of his projects. I pre-judged that the messy nature of my responsibilities (managing appointments and meds for my Mom who has ALZ to home vendors to client work for a half dozen different things) would not fit in the system.

I’m happy to report, I was wrong!

This app lets me manage my things to do across numerous projects (which can be shared with others) with a multi-dimensional feature set that includes dates, filtering, labels, priorities, notes, and sub-lists too. My stress has gone down and I actually enjoy adding things to my list almost as much as I enjoy checking them as complete!

Watch their video and see if it’s workable for yourself. It’s only a minute, with no talking, just demos and the mood – yes, the energy of this app is what appeals to me. It just works. It sits in the background of my life and I no longer fear forgetting things nor do I dread adding things.

Then, watch the intro tutorial:

I love an app that works this well for a newbie; I’m excited to keep learning and keeping simplifying my life, regardless of how the work keeps spinning around me. This post is not sponsored in any way – I’m just sharing the love with you.

In case you are wondering about the “and forget” part. One of the features I love is how I can add all kinds of things to the list and they are out of sight until I am ready to work on them. So I can grab an idea, log it, and forget about it but not lose it. I just love that for my brain that creates so many ideas!