Launching the TEDxAIR Program, with Shane Robinson

Shane Robinson, TEDxAIR Honolulu artist

When Shane and I moved Bare Feet Studios to Hawai‘i, we were an easy-to-understand web company. We built web databases, designed blogs, set up podcasts, offered SEO services, and helped our clients craft digital strategy to grow their businesses.

But Hawai‘i has a way of seeping into your soul, calling forth desires and ideas that may not fit into neat little boxes. For the past few years we’ve added numerous skillsets and interests to our “studios” concept, keeping our “bare feet” vibe of staying connected and adventurous, soaking up the comfort and creativity that Hawai‘i offers.

All of which led to Shane being invited to be one of the first seven TEDx Artists in Residence. Shane talked more about the TEDxAIR program on his art blog.

Shane was also invited to give a speech – and it’s an archetypal story of integrating one’s opposite interests, defying other people’s expectations, and coming to terms with the inner critic. The live stream is here, for now. The edited videos will be posted in a few months.

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A few of the Facebook comments:

Phillip Banks This is so incredibly awesome and I’m so proud of the progr… I mean artist friend I know as Shane Robinson.

Jt Clough So full of awesomeness. You rocked it.

Erik Blair Great talk!!! Loved it! You’re one in 97 million Shane!!

Judy Dennis Excellent!!!!!!!!!! You looked like a master up there Shane!

Glynda Mims Sattarphai You’ve come a long way from being the unseen “Secret Camera Man”. That was meant to be a joke, but it’s not really. You are a great inspiration. You show what is possible if you follow your passion and work really hard. Congratulations!

Shauna Robinson Rocked it like a master ARTIST!! Proud of you. It’s a beautiful thing when a passion and a career come together.

Jennifer Valenzuela Great job! Good flow inspiring story!!!! Good for you!

Karmen Weddle Great job Shane! Loved listening to you. I wanted to hear more!