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One of my all time favorite things to do is to go on retreat. If it’s a silent retreat? All the better!

I’ve given a few one day consciousness retreats, attended many silent retreats, and have done years and years of coaching on topics ranging from health, self esteem, spirituality, and of course web work and social media too. So I approach this idea as a geek, as a lover of consciousness, and as a person with literally decades of experience as a workshop leader and trainer.

Still, while I’ve led over 100 five-day trainings that I planned and executed solo, I am new to leading mindfulness and silent retreats. I have so much more respect for what it actually takes to create and facilitate a meaningful experience in this day and age of your brilliance, curiosity, and the pressures and preciousness of your time. So I’ve put together a brief survey to learn more about you and your interests.

Here’s What I Have in Mind

I envision a luxurious location with access to nature, simple and delicious food, and creature comforts for allowing your body to rest. I am thinking a minimum of three days and a max of five, for starters. Rest, music, movement, and writing will be core elements of the nurturing in addition to a commitment to personal silence. All activities are optional. It is a dogma-free zone, designed to give you private access to your own divine nature. The structure will be light-hearted, creating an environment of ease and at times even playfulness, allowing you to explore the inner depth of your choice.

The Benefits of a Silent Retreat

  • It is first and foremost a chance to unplug and solely attend to you, to feed and rest and nurture yourself.
  • The silence enables you to go deep into your own heart and mind while the presence of others provides a buffer of energetic support, perhaps even a few triggers too.
  • It is a time to practice being just you, nothing more and nothing less, with no one depending on you for anything.
  • I see it as a coming home to you, a rediscovery of you, an awakening of you, and a liberating of you.
  • It will include instructions for how to prepare for your experience of going silent for a few days — from managing your technology to how to prepare psychologically for the experience.
  • You will be supported afterwards as well through private conversation and ways to integrate your experience.

Does a Silent Retreat of This Nature Appeal to You?

If it does, I invite you to fill out the form below and share your preferences with me. Then, please join our Bare Feet email list so you are first to know about retreat programs. (An easy form is also embedded below.)

Thanks so much!

Featured Photo Credit: Sunrise Silhouette, by Lee Scott, on Unsplash


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Silent Retreat Survey

Your Retreat Preferences

If you would be interested in attending a retreat, please tell me what you want.
  • I have these three locations in mind. Please check any or all that you could attend.
  • Please select the option that is most doable and has the most appeal.
  • Taking 3-5 days is a commitment. How much time do you require to make that happen?
  • Keep in mind, many companies will cover your expense to attend a retreat of this nature. It offers numerous health benefits.
  • Please tell me about your interest in attending a silent retreat. It can be the pros and cons, what you would hope to accomplish, or just a simple assessment of how motivated you currently are to give yourself this kind of experience. Would you be interested in being part of a beta group of attendees?
  • Feel free to tell me who you are.
  • Enter your email if you'd like me to contact you regarding possible future retreats AND/OR if you want to receive a copy of your form submission.
  • If yes, be sure to include your name and email address above.
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