Mindfulness and Marketing: A Conversation

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If you are old enough, or you’ve studied advertising, you were raised on the seductive lure of appealing to people’s fears: fears of not being included, of not being good enough, of being lazy or dumb, etc. It’s a list without end. Historically, this approach works. I really understand the vulnerability that comes from wanting to be a better version of myself than my inner critic thinks I am. It makes me vulnerable to promises made by marketers. Reality Check: How many un-opened [webinars, ebooks, tutorials] do you have on your computer or falling down into the depths of your Inbox?

The human herd is looking for change.

The endless stream of inspiring platitudes on Pinterest, the decades of self-help books now written and consumed, the surge of CEO’s who’ve come out of the closet as regular meditators — all of this has created tremendous momentum for marketers to lead the way in appealing to the better nature in each of us. There is nothing “less than” about being a follower. In fact, these followers are also your customers and/or your peers. They want someone who can talk to their creative and results-driven minds rather than being snookered (again!) in the back brain just to make a sale.

We marketers can choose to uplift and educate as well as sell, but this will require a willingness to abandon fear-based methodologies and techniques while doing a consciousness upgrade on the language you use to connect with your customers. I find this incredibly exciting, and, I’m curious about the life span of the numerous launch formulas and information products, because IMO they are some of the worst offenders of back brain snookering. Incredible loyalty is there for those who build their customers up, who strengthen them, who educate and support them in their struggles, rather than tricking or kicking them when they’re feeling down and desperate.

During the Hangout, I’ll talk about why I am suspending my group coaching service and I’ll also share some of the atypical beliefs I have about the so-called rules of the game.

Let’s talk more about this and get really specific.

Friday, May 22 at 12 pm EDT
Janet Fouts headshot Janet Fouts, social media author and coach and I will be having a conversation on this topic Friday, May 22, via Google Hangout on Air. She does an interview show every Friday. I invite you to join us by watching this stream live, or afterwards on her YouTube channel.

We’ll be discussing specific things you can do in your personal workflow to be more mindful and how that overlaps and infuses the design, language, and energy of your marketing. If you want to receive a reminder email, just click the button below and tell us you plan to watch. We welcome your discussion topics and questions in advance. Just follow the link and leave a comment.

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This Hangout on Air conversation will be recorded and archived on Janet Fout’s YouTube channel on Social Media. She hosts an interview every Friday – so check that out! Here’s the recording, as promised”

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