Launch: Bare Feet Blogs for Artists, Nonprofits, Entrepreneurs

Bare Feet Blogs announcementIt’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here. After spending a year in Florida with my 91 year old Mom, I took a few months of “hermiting” to recharge my batteries. While I was away, my partner, Shane, fell back in love with WordPress — that wonderful website software that we’ve been using since 2003 when it was released. (This very site originally launched in 2004 in WordPress and is still going strong!)

So, ta da, we’ve created BARE FEET BLOGS — website plans designed with artists, nonprofits, solopreneurs, and small businesses, like you, in mind:

Bare Feet Blogs logo

We launched the new website today and I wanted you to be among the first to know. We understand a lot of people build websites. What makes us different? We believe it’s our no-stress, mindful approach of helping our clients start with less, rather than more. Trying to “have it all” when you’re building (or rebuilding) a website, can complicate the task without need, and of course it adds to the cost. Using WordPress, you can add to your site in unlimited ways over time, as needed.

We want people to enjoy using their websites and not feel overwhelmed or pressured by them. A quality tool well-used will produce far more results than a trophy sitting on a shelf.

$50 to Get a New Project Started

We’re also offering subscribers to our email list a $50 coupon, good towards your first project with us. So please sign up, and, you’ll automagically get my free 5-part series on how to plan for your new, modern website.

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