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[Bare Feet Studios is in transition. This is our old Press page, transferred to the blog for archival purposes and no longer updated.]

Blogger Relations
As more and more businesses and communicators understand the power of independent media and bloggers, the relevance of blogging policies also grows. We bloggers have a responsibility to manage certain aspects of “reputation management” when we discuss others and their products and services. Similarly, our blogging practices affect our reputation too. This applies to our flagship internet tv show as well, Beach Walks with Rox.

(If you are looking for a listing of our Press Coverage, please visit the About page and scroll down.)

When we are pitched to review and discuss your products and services or to have you as a guest on our show, it is a best practice of social media (and common sense) to be transparent about how we work.

My colleague “Toby Bloomberg”: is working on an eBook to address this topic in-depth. As a contributor, I am walking my talk by providing this page on our site to help you understand how we work. Successful and powerful relationships are built by both parties.

Bare Feet Blog Point of View

  • We explore the internet in all its glory, and underbelly too. We use our native experience in this foreign country to examine new software, business practices, and technology.
  • Our audience is comprised of business owners who want to be more internet literate as well as our peers – technology and social media leaders. Our Beach Walks audience reaches people globally, and is an above average education and income group of people who pay attention, love travel, are eco-conscious and care about human relations.
  • We pride ourselves in being curious, intelligent, engaged, and most of all, understanding of the challenges we all face in this time of extreme change and disruption.
  • We love sharing the wonderful things we discover, so they can be useful to our readers.
  • We are committed to contributing something positive to each conversation, even when we experience a poorly-made product or a failed service. We are all learning here, and the beauty of today’s internet is the ability to provide each other honest, constructive, fair-minded feedback.
  • We welcome it too. Our comments are not moderated (except in the case of extreme profanity or rudeness) and if that should be necessary, we will post a message accordingly.
  • We are active on many social networks, and our blog feed is redistributed across many of these.

How Best to Work with Us

  • Be straight up. We don’t expect you to know how all this works, though we do expect you to be honest with us about your goals and tactics and where we might fit in to your strategy.
  • Think out of the box. An in-depth project or campaign with a specialist in your space might have much more ROI than a scattershot approach that is far less personal. We can help you do this.
  • Time is as important or more so, than money. Please be available to participate in the conversation on our blog. Get to know our perspective and how it might be of use to you.
  • If we review your stuff or accept ads from you, please don’t expect us to answer technical questions that you could do better. (See next bullet point.)
  • Inform your team/partners and engage them. If you are a manufacturer, integrate your dealer network. If you are in consumer products, integrate your retailers and sales staff. Train them in advance (some bloggers like myself offer training and coaching), get them ready to participate and capture those leads that can be be developed on a blog.
  • Make it easy for our audience to learn more, take action, and be counted. Provide a custom destination page that addresses our audience when they click-thru to you; please don’t just send them to your home page.
  • Give them the same attention they have given you, by reading our blog and taking further action to learn more about you and your products/services.
  • Give us samples to share or loan out so our audience can try the products, make mash-up videos, etc.
  • Give us access to one or more of your execs/tech staff and the like to interview. Give them permission to talk freely about more than just your product or service.
  • We do not accept payment for product and service reviews, however we do charge for consulting services. Not sure where to draw the line? We can help with that too.

Want to talk more? Please “contact us”:/contact/ today. We really like collaborating with others.
Looking for Press coverage of us? You can find that on our “About”:/about/ page.