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Roxanne loves to speak. People like it when she does. Trained as a professional trainer, she’s great at taking complex topics and making them understandable. She has worked successfully with all kinds of people and is especially adept at sharing practical knowledge for using the internet. She has over 25 years of experience, across North America, Europe, and Asia delivering hundreds of sessions, from inspirational keynotes to technical trainings, to audiences of over 1500 people. Shane occasionally joins Rox or fills in for her, and most surprising to him, still gets the standing ovation!

We also think of Rox as a “training machine.” It can be a single session or a repeating loop where people can drop in and out all day long to get the basics on what is a blog and how blogs can help (or hurt?) your business. For example, On Blogging: in less than an hour they’ll how trackbacks work, how and why to make good comments, and tools for tracking what others are blogging about your business. Naturally, having private, in-house training is also a successful way to bring your staff up to speed fast and efficiently.

We can work internally with companies who want their employees to raise their tech IQ or understand how to use the best tools of web.

Speaking Topics

Social Media: More than tweets the eye (an inspired, interactive keynote presentation)
The Cultural Shifts Hiding Behind the Noise of Social Media
Non-Techie Guide to the Social Web
How Social Media is Impacting Traditional Marketing
How to Produce a Daily Internet TV Show
The Five Most Important Business Tools of the Social Web
Blogging for Business
The Intersection of Business & Consciousness

A Sample of Recent Speaking Gigs

* “Why I gave Up on Love” for the inaugural Culture Spark (February, 2016)
* Hospitality & Tourism Students Meet Social Media (January, 2013)
* Host and Speaker at Social Media and Hawaii Tourism (October, 2012)
* Social Media for Nonprofit Leaders- presentation to Maui Association of Nonprofit Directors (September, 2012)
* Does Social Media Matter – For the Maui Weddings and Event Professionals (August, 2012)
* Travel & Tourism in Social Media PubCon Paradise (February, 2012)
* Five Week Course: Social Media for Writers and Artists (Private; Jan-Feb, 2012)
* Social Media for NonProfit Directors Junior Achievement of Hawaii Board Presentation (December, 2011)
* Is There Snake Oil in Your Social Media at Hawaii Social Media Summit (October, 2011)
* Managing Your Time, Attention, & Personas at Tweetea & Social Media Club Detroit (October, 2011)
* Using The Social Media Game to Develop a Social Media Strategy Maui SMUG (September, 2011)
* Social Media for Nonprofit Directors for the Weinberg Fellows (Private event; August, 2011)
* Panel Discussion on Marketing & Social Media, hosted by Hawaii Business Magazine (July, 2011) with Bernard Uy of Wall to Wall Studios and Cyrus Drive, VP of Time Warner (Both awesome panelists!)
* Keynote Address on Social Media for Servco Pacific Inc. annual Management Conference and breakout session on building a custom iPhone app. (March, 2011)
* Three-Peat of Five Important Social Media Tools for Business at the Hawaiian Telecom University (March, 2011)
* Non Techie Guide to Social Media for the Network of Volunteer Leaders (March, 2011)
* Social Media for Human Resources Professionals (January, 2011)
* Keynote on Social Media and Breakout Session on Internet Video at the Technology & Internet Expo (October, 2010)
* Social Media Trends and Insights at the Better Business Bureau National Assembly (September, 2010)
* Moving to digital and knowledge based economies – supporting zero emissions initiatives Zero Emissions World Congress (September, 2010)
* Marketing with Twitter and Facebook at Hawaii Transportation Association Annual Leadership Conference (August, 2010)
* How to effectively use video & livestreaming at PRSA of Hawaii (August, 2010)
* Social Media Skills for Musicians: Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, & Podcasting at the Nā Hōkū O Hawaiʻi Music Festival (July, 2010)
* Private presentation to the Weinberg Fellows on NonProfits Using Social Media (May, 2010)
* The State of Online Video at NextLevel Hawaii Social Media Conference (April, 2010)
* Social Media for Nonprofits at the Hawaii Community Foundation Board Leadership Conference (February, 2010)
* Featured presentation on Social Media to the Sales & Marketing Executives International annual event (December, 2009)
* Speak on Social Media Panel at Envision Hawaii Conference (November, 2009)
* Private presentation to Introduce Social Media to the Hawaii Insurance Advisory Board (November 2009)
* The Connection Revolution – How Social Networking and Blogging Have Changed the Way We Do Business Panel discussion at ICSC with colleagues Melissa Chang and Neenz Faleafine. (September, 2009)
* Keynote: Getting Started on the Social Web, plus breakout sessions on using Twitter and setting up a blog; for the Aloha Chapter of Meeting Professionals International.
* Introduction to Twitter and Blogging, Social Media at the Hawaii Restaurant Association (June, 2009)
* OMG My Mother’s on Facebook: Promise and Pitfalls of Online Social Networking for the YWCA Brown Bag Lunch Series (May, 2009)
* “eCommerce A to Z”:https://www.hawaiitechcon.net/Home – How Social Media is Changing Internet Marketing (January, 2009)
* “Podcamp + Wordcamp Hawaii”:https://2008.podcamphawaii.com – Video Podcast 101, How to Create a Blog, What is Twitter & Why It Matters
* Social Media Club – Telling Your Story Through Audio & Video (October, 2008)
* PRSA Hawaii 2008 – Overview of the Social Web (October, 2008)
* Blog World Expo 2008 – Finding Your New Media Voice (August, 2008)
* Ad:Tech San Francisco – I was on a panel and spoke about video podcasting and the ability to target very niche and loyal audiences. Here’s a quote from BizBash, ElyMedia, and The Tendo Blog (April, 2008)
* SXSW 2008 – My colleagues Chris Brogan, Chris Heuer, and Jeremiah Owyang invited me to co-teach the session on Utterz technology. (March, 2008)
* Unconferenz 2008 – Video Podcasting Work Flow (June, 2008)
* Hawaii Advertising Federation University 2008 – Advertising isn’t dead but… (2008)
* Internet Video and Social Media Presentations at Aloha Summit (February, 2007 and October, 2008)
* MegaComm 2007: Hawaii 5.0 – “Using New Media to Promote Your Business” (2007)
* She’s Geeky – “How to Create Video Podcasts”
* Portable New Media Conference – “Video Podcasting for Business: Six Steps to Creating Your Branded IPTV” (September, 2007)
* BlogHer Business 2007 – “Should You Blog? Setting objectives & corporate strategy” (March, 2007)
* International Association of Business Communicators February, 2007
* Network2.tv Showcase – Guest of Jeff Pulver and Chris Brogan
* New Mexico Association of Women in Communications, Albuquerque, January, 2006
* Apple Store San Francisco – Meet the Videobloggers, organized by Ryanne Hudson
* Why Your Business Should Blog – for IABC Honolulu, June, 2005
* University of Phoenix – How to Podcast (May, 2005)
* University of Hawai’i New Media Center – How and Why to Podcast for Your Business (March, 2005)

A few speaking testimonials

“You were awesome, inspiring and ever so generous for sharing such thought provoking insights with us at our first CultureSpark! With love & gratitude, All of us at CultureSparkInaugural CultureSpark on Love, Feb 2016, Maui

I spent a few minutes looking at your tracks on the internet. I was truly impressed. I thought you were a special person when you were in my office, but had no idea how special you really were. What wonderful things you have done and with such enthusiasm. I simply want you to know how impressed I am.J. Roy Miller, former director State Director of the New Mexico Small Business Development Center

Holly wanted to let you know how important you have become to the Fellows and the program. All of our graduates had glowing things to say about you and your presentation. They noted how important they see social media now as a result. All are working to improve their communications and web presence – thanks to you. Thank you so much for your contributions to our program.Weinberg Foundation

Before I met Roxanne, I thought my website and Facebook knowledge was pretty good. Her training opened a whole new door to social media that I never knew existed…and assisted me in maximizing the power of what we could be doing with just a little extra effort! Anyone who participates will walk away with valuable skills in helping to get your organizations message out there. Laksmi Abraham, President Maui United Way

Thank you, Roxanne. You are just wonderful and the Fellows just love your presentations. Carlynn Wolfe, Weinberg Foundation

Mahalo nui loa to Erik Blair and Roxanne Darling for a spectacular workshop today. It was so informative and helpful.
I know that everyone got more out of it than they even hoped for! So sorry for those of you who missed it. Wow, there is a lot more to Social Media than I could even have imagined. What a wonderful way to build your business. Thank you again Roxanne and Erik! Invaluable, indeed!
Maui Wedding & Event Professionals

It was great to meet you! I thought your talk was a lot of fun and VERY informative.
Tambara Garrick, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co

@roxannedarling you really knocked it out of the park at the Maui Wedding & Event Professionals conference! #MWEPsm much mahalo
Erik Blair, The Accidental Consultant,

I would like to thank Roxanne Darling from Bare Feet Studios for first and foremost, adding one more appointment to her agenda while here on Oahu. We know we need to step out of the dark ages and into the Social Media “light” – and now we definitely have a goal and some insight as to how to get there.
Dianne Ward, Executive Director Junior Achievement of Hawaii

Looking forward to meeting you again. I like the way you make everyday social media topics so engaging. A true Social Media Guru! or should I say Diva?
Cyrus Driver, VP Time Warner

It was a great discussion but we were only getting started when the time was up! Hopefully it helped lay the foundation for some of the small businesses in attendance to think about how to increase their business.
David Tumolowicz, Hawaii Business Magazine

Thank you so much for that great talk you gave yesterday! We’ve gotten so many great reviews from our members and even more “regrets I wish I could have been there” from those that couldn’t make it. We’ve had several in attendance who want you to come back and do a hands-on workshop at our conference in October. As the very first speaker in our lecture series you have really set the bar high. I know that everyone learned a lot from you. Again, much Mahalo for all that you do to educate the people of Hawaii.
Eric Batalon, Network of Volunteer Leaders

Roxanne, Thanks so much for your great presentations a couple days ago. I’m still hearin’ the music! I am full of ideas for where our organization may be able to work in some new ideas and new attitudes. Dancing=Momentum Forward. Thanks again.”
Julia Myers, Chaminade University

Very articulate and knowledgeable of the presentation subject. Your presentation was very informative and much appreciated. It provided an excellent overview of “smart phone’s” ability to assist us in our daily business operations. I can’t wait to get my IPhone up to speed and to assist me in streamlining/organizing my many tasks!! Roxanne can help any business gain ground by learning to use the technology that is out there.
Mahalo for an excellent presentation.

PDCA Of Hawaii Meeting @ Honolulu Country Club

“My favorite part of the conference was Social Networking – very interesting; lowered a mental block that I had about it.” “My favorite part of the conference was Social Networking information.” “My favorite part of the conference was Social Networking – Awesome! Very timely.”
Weinberg Fellows at 2010 Reunion conference

Wow, @roxannedarling ends #nextlevelhi with a fantastic session on video. Way to go out with a splash!
Geoff Livingston, Socially conscious PR professional

Rox rocks video – very funny presentation – you know its good when the audience is laughing at your stuff! @roxannedarling #nextlevelhi
Leili McKinley, Branding Expert and Author Coach

@roxannedarling is an excellent speaker. She has some great information and metrics about podcasting/video. Cinch coming soon #nextlevelhi
Jesse Stay, CEO of SocialToo

@roxannedarling You were a real inspiration today at #nextlevelhi Big mahalos
Anne Murata, PR Director for the Pacific Aviation Museum

Rox was teaching about the social web before it was cool to even know what the term meant, she’s the real deal. She is one of the few people I know who I completely trust. She can also kick my ass, yet never would.
Vu Bui, Photographer Extraordinaire

Rox, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you today. You rocked it to close out the event!
Andy Bearden

A very warm mahalo for your excellent presentation and comments at today’s meeting of the Hawaii Insurance Advisory Board. Your presentation is very timely in our current economic situation and gave us all a lot to think about as we consider how to use Social Media to impact our businesses.
Jean Santos, Business Consulting Resources, Inc.

Roxanne Darling opened the program with an overall view of how to better manage your social media efforts for prime results and efficiency. Her wisdom, skill, humor and ability to truly connect with the the attendees made it easy to follow as she imparted some very important information and processes to each of us on how to better use the technology available to us.
Meeting Professionals International, Aloha Chapter

You’re one of the best at communicating the need to use social media (and why, and how). Every time I interact with you, I gain new & better insights into social media’s impacts on business…and life.
Melissa Chang, PR Professional, Writer, and Social Media Marketer

Enlightening! I’ve been socially (web) networking for years but didn’t realize what it could do for me professionally. Thank You!
Nikita Batic, after the first of 6 sessions on Getting Started with the Social Web

You are one polished speaker, lady! Thank you so much for participating – thought this panel would be interesting, and I was right!
Piia Arma, Pineapple Tweed, and Board YWCA of Honolulu

Great job at the MPI Social Media training seminar. I heard from a number of people who let me know how much they enjoyed your training sessions. They were very impressed at how you kept it simple and interesting enough for all levels of social media comfort. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of this very intriguing way of communicating. I too have learned a great deal.
Nada Marriott, Expert Event Planners

Shane, Great presentation yesterday, Big Mahalo!
DJ Halcro, General Manager, “Aliʻi Kai Catamaran”:https://www.robertshawaii.com

You are certainly a leader in the world of podcasting and your live podcast and presentation on the various social media sites on the Web fascinated the audience. Social networking is of great interest, and, as we mentioned at the luncheon, we have never had such a big response to one of our professional development lunches. Thank you for making the event the huge success that it was.
Janet Crawford, President, “PRSA Hawaii Chapter”:https://www.prsahawaii.com

@RoxanneDarling is giving us TONS of info about video and video blogging online. She’s a true expert and embodies the #Aloha spirit.
Dave Taylor

I really enjoyed your session on video work-flow. I come across so much creative work that suffers from poor encoding and/or distribution. Beachwalks has always been a model for professional Internet-video, and it’s clear why. You and Shane know the medium because you helped to shape it. That one session added about 10 minutes of productivity to my day.
Jamison Tilsner, Partner, Tilzy.tv

It was a pleasure meeting you and attending your session at podcamp [New York City]. Can honestly say that you were the most positive speaker we had over the weekend, and I really enjoyed learning from you.
Julie Rorrer, Co-owner of Smashing Darling

Watching you during your “How to Find Your New Media Voice” podcamp [New York City] presentation filled me with such joy. It was so compelling to watch your face as you listened to others during that presentation. When I heard you say how important it was to communication for all of us to listen more than we do, it made me smile. Your listening has an extraordinary present quality. You also look very happy to just listen. That was what made it so compelling to watch you.
Patty Harwell, Media Consultant

Just wanted to thank you again for bringing social media to me in such a clear, easy way that I can really use! I had sooo much fun in our Utterz interactive at SXSW, I haven’t stopped talking about you guys.
Andrea Leigh

Roxanne knows her stuff. She speaks with authority and looks for ways to engage the audience with her presentations. Her focus is on helping people create better media. After hearing one of Roxanne’s talks you feel relaxed and pumped up all at the same time. In one word … inspiring.
Joel Mark Witt, MarylandZoo.tv

A couple of really good sessions jump to mind from the day. The first was Roxanne Darling from Beach Walks with Rox. She gave some great “real world experience” insight into podcasting and her process.
Douglas Welch, Careers in Podcasting and New Media

I was highly impressed with your presentation and felt that it not only had value for my business, but also for my mind, body and soul. It’s become a new favorite.
Justin Kaiser, Justin Kaiser & Associates

Your presentation on Wednesday at the IABC Luncheon was great. I learned about and absorbed meaningful information that I can use now. That is the way presentations should impact an audience and your speech did just that. Thank you.
Anthony Marlin, Hawaii Pacific University

You did an excellent job in keeping the audience interested. I only wish that we had a longer program.
Steve Golden, President, International Association of Business Communicators Hawaii

I wanted to personally thank you for delivering a very informative session on blogging and podcasting. Your views on whether or not companies should set-up their own blogs and how blogs can boost the bottom line were spot-on regarding the audience’s needs. I’m looking forward to listening to the session on your blog sites.
Lance Tanaka, Tesoro Hawaii Corporation

First to let you now that you were a HUGE hit at the Board of Directors meeting! Folks loved your presentation [on adding a text and video blog to their web presence], loved your energy… I suspect simply fell in love with you. You must be getting used to this reaction. It was wonderful to see you bring the room to life.
Cate Baril, Coffee Kids Web Marketing Team

Roxanne has the ability to see what is missing and communicate that in a way that empowers the individual. This is both rare and effective. In today’s parlance, she has both a high Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and high Emotional Quotient (EQ).
Richard Whiteley, author, “Customer-Centered Growth”

What a great presentation you put on last night. It is clear that Bare Feet Studios is a true business partner for its clients.
Candice Hollrich, Esq.

Your talk last night was fantastic.
Matthew Ennis, CEO Argus Insights

As our Marketing Specialist, Roxanne’s workshops scored a consistent 5 out of 5 stars. She is a gifted presenter with extensive practical and applicable business knowledge.
Small Business Development Center, Santa Fe, NM

Roxanne has proven to be an intelligent, caring and capable consultant who delivers on her projects with highly rated evaluations. Individual participants may range from Vietnamese immigrants who assemble computers to Fortune 500 company executives. She has shown a great skill in working with a diverse group of people. She was not only an excellent counselor, but a visionary as well.
Pat Rhoten, Senior Acct Manager, Johnson & Johnson

This workshop was excellent. Roxanne knows how to relate to all types of people and teaches us how to do the same. She is super effective as an instructor and I definitely recommend this program to others.
Julie Moo-Thurman, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

Roxanne is a dynamic, powerful, loving, energetic, humorous and effective presenter. She walks her talk and it shows in her personal vibrancy, her depth of knowledge, and her engaging style. She creates an atmosphere in which people feel safe to participate and motivated to apply in their own lives what they have learned.
Jack Canfield, co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

Thank you for the successful training course you conducted. This community wellness program reflects a spirit of improvement through using values of the Diné. My best wishes for your continued work with communities and the wellness programs.
Peterson Zah, President, The Navajo Nation, Window Rock, AZ

As the lead off speaker for our national conference, you set the perfect tone of positive professionalism and relaxed camaraderie. Your ideas created an integrated approach that was both practical and inspiring.
Scott Flora, First Affirmative Financial Network, Colorado Springs, CO

Thanks for coming to talk to us. Your talk helped a lot. I felt better after you talked to us. The 24 hours without calling anyone names didn’t work, I got in a fight with my sister, but I’m working on it. Thanks for taking your time to talk to us. Love,
Maria Sanchez, fifth grade

I would like to thank you for coming to our class room. I sincerely feel that it helped me to be a better person. After I spent those 24 hours without calling anyone a name, I found out that it wasn’t that bad. It made me feel good inside having known that I didn’t hurt one person that day. Yours truly.
Brady Sherman, fifth grade

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