Bare Feet Studios is in transition, adding art-making to our digital marketing and programming expertise.

Here are some reviews of our internet and social media consulting work, in the minds and hearts of others. You may also read many years’ worth of Roxanne’s speaking endorsements on our Speaker page.


Truth be told, Roxanne has helped usher in a “new era” for Maui Nui. Social Media is now an integral part of our communications strategy…Beast of all…she exhibits much respect and aloha (yes aloha, a word this Native Hawaiian does not offer up lightly) for others and what each person “brings to the table.”Keliʻi Brown, Public Relations and Promotions Director, Maui Visitors and Convention Bureau (a Bare Feet Studios client since 2010)

We wanted a company with experienced, smart, thoughtful principals and staff, who could create and service an envisioned long–term project that we could conceive but not verbalize well. Over three months we interviewed many, and chose Bare Feet Studios because they listened, they understood, they have innovative and appropriate solutions and fresh ideas. Together we have planned and are beginning to bring to life exactly what we wanted.Jo Chapman, Lannan Foundation (a Bare Feet Studios client since 1999)

Bare Feet Studios is the single biggest reason that our web site is the success that it is. Their incredible technological abilities and flawless customer service continue to amaze us. We thank our lucky stars every day that we found such a great web team.Meredith Schwartz, HereComestheGuide.com (California’s #1 web site for weddings, now expanding nationally, and a Bare Feet Studios client since 1998.)

Roxanne was a fantastic guide for our introduction to social media. Her ability to focus on what results we were trying to achieve and her understanding of our resources and experience level, enabled her to develop programs utilizing social media that we were able to implement quickly. She has great passion for her work, and a strong drive to make sure that expectations are defined and met.June Matsumoto, VP Marketing for the Hawaii Convention Center (a Bare Feet Studios client since 2009)

I reviewed sites … and settled on Roxanne because of the platform (foremost) and her work ethic. She is a big supporter of nonprofits. She is truly amazing. I hope that you meet Roxanne and learn what she has to say. You’ll absolutely love her. Perfect in all respects.Lois Reiswig, West Maui Cultural Center for Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational

Before I met Roxanne, I thought my website and Facebook knowledge was pretty good. Her training opened a whole new door to social media that I never knew existed…and assisted me in maximizing the power of what we could be doing with just a little extra effort! Anyone who participates will walk away with valuable skills in helping to get your organizations message out there. I’ve been to two other “so-called” social media trainings and yours was by far the BEST. Laksmi M. Abraham, President & Chief Professional Officer, Maui United Way

Roxanne, You are adored by so many of us who have found wisdom, guidance, heart and  inspiration in working with you and Shane. You are one of the people who literally changed my life. You not only taught me a few tricks, but by example you showed me how powerful we can be when we utilize these new tools for social interaction.Ron Cannarella, Hawaii Dept of Land & Natural Resources

The project is being managed by Roxanne Darling of Barefeet Studios (sic). She is awesome. There is no other word to describe how helpful and creative she has been. Rox rocks! Lacy Kemp, RealPlayer (a Bare Feet Studios client since 2009)

Roxanne Darling of Bare Feet Studios has been a big part of the success of the Puakea Foundation. She is always there when we need help with anything. Roxanne’s community work and her love for Hawaii shows in everything she has done. We have tremendous respect for her as a person and a business woman and are blesses to have her as part of our foundation and our lives. Bobby and Patricia Puakea, the Puakea Foundation of Hawaii (a Bare Feet Studios pro bono client since 2005.)

Thank you from all of us at PacRim and PRTech for establishing the first ever PODCAMP in Hawaii. It was great, and I believe it really ignited the social media movement in Hawaii–not just for techies, but into the hospitality industry, and in a major way, into politics. We now have a SMC and a social media style entertainment magazine and more forums for those engaged in social media to share, learn and meet. Thank you for your leadership, starting with PodCamp. We were pleased to be a co-sponsoring organization!Dave Erdman, PacRim Marketing and PR Tech (A Bare Feet Studios client & supporter since 2008)


Roxanne has an amazing view of businesses as socially responsible organizations. She practices her worldview in all that she does, and works to gently guide clients towards socially responsible choices, as well. Her ability as a producer and technologist are almost after-thoughts to Roxanne’s real genius: human relations. Roxanne is truly one of the most heart-forward, thoughtful, caring people ever to work in a world of silicon and money. I strongly recommend her solutions, and would vouch for her professionalism without reservation.Chris Brogan, Social Media Leader, Author, and founder of Third Tribe (A professional colleague since 2006)

I’m continually impressed with the responsiveness and timely community interaction of the Social Media Club Hawaii Chapter, and there is no doubt that Roxanne’s leadership there is the driving force of Aloha making its mark. I am particularly grateful for her embrace of the neighbor islands, for there is so much we must all come together for as we malama our sense of place in Hawaii nei. I had first had the privilege of working with Roxanne on Podcamp Hawaii, and since then her entrepreneurial spirit and community devotion to our islands has continued to inspire and move me toward taking actions of my own: What a combination of intention in the energy which is Roxanne Darling!Rosa Say, Managing with Aloha

To me, a social media expert is one who doesn’t just understand how to use the tools–there are loads of people who fit that definition–but one who truly understands how to achieve definable business results using social media. That list is very small, indeed, and most definitely includes Roxanne Darling. Roxanne is extremely proficient at not only helping clients navigate the increasingly crowded social media space, but also doing the real work–using social media as a ‘force multiplier’ to make tangible things happen to increase a company’s visibility, connections and, ultimately, prospects. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Roxanne.Tom Webster, VP Analytics, Edison Media Research (A professional colleague since 2007)

Roxanne Is not only one of the most professional women that I know she is also a natural leader and is recognized by the new media community in being a thought leader. I would not hesitate to recommend my clients to Roxanne and her partners company. She is a true connector and has my highest possible recommendation.Todd Cochrane, CEO, RawVoice (A professional colleague since 2004)

Shane and I are very grateful to the many clients over the years who have taught us so much – both easily and with challenges – yet all of which has enabled us to be living our dream life here on Maui in the beautiful and friendly Hawaiian Islands.