What We Do

We provide web development and digital marketing expertise to clients who are committed to using the internet as a powerful business tool. The specifics change over time, as the internet is a constantly changing environment! Currently, we develop social media campaigns, branded online video projects, podcasting, training, and consultation for a few selected companies.

We initially started our company in 1996 (under the name Symtezzi) and worked in the web development sector. We have seen trends and tech come and go, yet consistently deliver successful strategies for our clients. In short, we have abundant web DNA and consider ourselves “native speakers” on the social web. We are founding members of the Social Media Club and are launching the Hawaii Chapter in October 2008. Learn more about us here.

Shane Robinson is our Technology and Programming Expert.
We have the technical knowledge to evaluate the range of applications available for delivering social media campaigns. Shane has a rare ability to conceive of ways to use the tools that are far beyond the typical. He understands data and information flow and uses that to chose the right tool for the job at hand. Shane also walks backwards as the Secret Cameraman on Beach Walks with Rox.

Roxanne Darling is our Marketing, Training, and Speaker Expert.
We also have the marketing and training experience to help the people who will be delivering your campaign get their feet on the ground and feel confident on the social web. Roxanne was one of the original Compuserve members, using email since 1993 and is now the host of the popular internet TV show, Beach Walks with Rox, with over 750 episodes. She translates fluently between business goals and technical implementation. Plus, as a popular public speaker and trainer, “she has the ability to both uplift you and ground you at the same time.”

Now What About You?

We love working with smart people who want to think differently, who value transparency, and who want a savvy, creative, and technically-competent team as business partners. We also happily collaborate with other agencies when we can bring a missing piece of expertise to the table or vice versa.

We are based in Hawaii and currently have clients throughout the U.S.A. Aloha spirit included on all projects. Partner Roxanne Darling is a professional speaker and trainer, so please consider us for your next event.

This is how we work:

  • We talk to you about your business and how the internet can help.
  • We teach you about Web 2.0, blogging, and podcasting.
  • We offer public, in-house, and phone training on these power tools.
  • We can set them up for you and support you in finding your voice.
  • We also guide you in what not to do in these active online communities.
  • Be sure and read the “Howto”:/category/howto/ articles on our site.
  • We provide Expert Presentations plus you can learn more in the “News”:/category/announcements/ articles on our site.
  • We provide professional online video consultation.
  • We can help you plan and build your own online TV channel; Here is one of ours, Beach Walks with Rox.
  • We can analyze your current web strategy and give you written recommendations such as:
  • Is your website software and strategy up to date
  • How are you using the social web
  • What is your online reputation and can it be improved

Contact us to improve your internet business marketing and operations.