Mindfulness and Marketing: A Conversation

Sheep in a meadow by Jonas Nilsson Lee, Unsplash

If you are old enough, or you’ve studied advertising, you were raised on the seductive lure of appealing to people’s fears: fears of not being included, of not being good enough, of being lazy or dumb, etc. It’s a list without end. Historically, this approach works. I really understand the vulnerability that comes from wanting to be a better version of myself…

Here’s Hope for Workaholics

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I am in a writer’s group and also I also coach a mindful social business group where we each post daily progress and process notes about how well we are inching along to our daily, weekly, and session goals. The Q&A is designed to motivate and feed the brain so it wants to do more, by acknowledging accomplishments of any sort, and…

Mindful Social Media

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It’s not an oxymoron!

Mindful Goal Setting

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Which may lead to UnGoals for the brave of heart and soul.

Social Media and Tourism: Let’s Talk Together

We are all connected by Chris Kompst

I have been lobbying for many years to get the three voices together to support local business and build a sustainable, rich visitor experience here in Hawaii. We have many local bloggers and podcasters who have done enormous work to share the Aloha with others around the globe. We have small businesses who can now leverage their time and budgets using social…

The Secret Sauce of Social Media: Kindness

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You can read all the “10 Ways to Succeed at Social Media” articles you like, and strain your brain trying to memorize them all – out there in a vacuum. Or you can practice Kindness. Good graces. Honesty. Maturity. Etiquette. These are the values that separate the social media masters from those who merely use it to game the system or to…