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Beach Walks Video

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INTERNET TV. Our show, Beach Walks with Rox, was one of the first, and continues today with over 760 episodes. Come chill out with us! More…

How the Podsafe Music Network Works

The music industry has suffered one of the biggest disruptions caused by the internet. To be fair, they were among the first and hardest hit businesses whose revenues and revenue model were undercut by the profound and historical human desire to share the things they love. In this case, music. So I like pointing out how the new rules are working, you…

Friday Buzz Report for Bare Feet Blog 080725

I feel like starting virtually very post here with a mea culpa. I have so many blog ideas but often run out of time. After all, we also produce an almost daily video podcast which takes a couple of hours each, and now I am helping to create the unconference PodCamp Hawaii. Of course I Tweet and FriendFeed too, so this mea…

Podcasting Listeners Are Paying Attention

I just love it when the data weighs in to support something I have witnessed anecdotally and intuitively known long before research could prove it. Podcasting does the heavy lifting of finding niche audiences and capturing their attention in a way that is otherwise unattainable to marketers. Be sure to read all the way down to Rox’s 4 L’s of Podcast Success….

Are You Addicted to Big Numbers?

I love math. It has an uncanny way of teasing apart the truth, but alas, it can also just as easily be used selectively to manipulate or create false impressions. And if we get addicted to a certain type of math – tracking eyeballs and households for example – then we can be inadvertently wasting time and money on our way to…