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Launch: Bare Feet Blogs for Artists, Nonprofits, Entrepreneurs

Bare Feet Blogs announcement

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here. After spending a year in Florida with my 91 year old Mom, I took a few months of “hermiting” to recharge my batteries. While I was away, my partner, Shane, fell back in love with WordPress — that wonderful website software that we’ve been using since 2003 when it was released. (This very…

Announcing Bare Feet Pro Blogs

Thank you for visiting the Bare Feet Pro Blogs post! We’ve recently moved all of our blog services over to its own website. Please learn more about BareFeetBlogs.com here! Aloha, Roxanne

We Have a New Site Design

Time to stir up the water and get a new blog design. Our previous design was very minimalist. We’ve decided too minimalist. We want you to be able to see the range of topics we care about, the various projects we are managing, and have room for things like Twitter and Comments too! Please tell us what you think. We splurged and…

Blog Recommendations from Bare Feet Clients

I’ve been having these fun interactions with our clients, in part to get them involved and excited about new media and fundamentally to have them pay atention to their invoices and pay us promptly! This past month I offered Amazon.com gift cards to each client who responded by telling me at least one blog they read and why they love it. Most…