Mindfulness and Marketing: A Conversation

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Summary of New Media Artist-in-Residence Program

cover of 2011 report on the Lanai Visitors Bureau blogger program

It is the last day of 2011 and I want to add an exclamation point of gratitude on each of my blogs – most of which suffer from neglect from me. It was my friend and Maui blogger Liza Pierce’s idea: let’s all write a blog post for January 1st! So, I’ve set this to post just one minute in to the…

The Social Cost of Unpaid Tweetup Teams

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As the founder of the Social Media Club Hawaii chapter and a very active social media consultant here in Hawaii, I am often invited to attend events and receive services for free in exchange for social media buzz – aka tweeting, facebooking, photographing, and videoing about my experiences. Though I thoroughly enjoy myself when I am on site and do pour myself…

Quick Bites on Marketing, Customer Service, Employees, and Social Media

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I am giving a talk today to a private company who is exploring the use of social media as an internal tool. I certainly want to recommend these books, first Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social TechnologiesGroundswell, by Charline Li and Josh Bernoff, and also

Maui Visitors Bureau Explains How to Manage Risk and Social Media

I interviewed Charlene Kauhane (of Kauhane Inc.) and Keliʻi Brown of the Maui Visitors Bureau over at the Ulupalakua Ranch on Maui. I had been hired to create, staff, and execute a Social Media Campaign for the Bureau, all in the span of less than six weeks. There are many discussion points in here: How speed is affecting business and marketing The…

Twitter ROI – Is it Too Popular?

This is not Pick on Twitter month – I am just posing some questions to get the attention of those who see things for what they are, not how they should be. I’ve been thinking a lot about the effects of Twitter’s popularity and just did a phone ┬áinterview with Janice Magin of the Pacific Business News on how many local businesses…