Tell Me Your Interest in Silent Retreats

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One of my all time favorite things to do is to go on retreat. If it’s a silent retreat? All the better! I’ve given a few one day consciousness retreats, attended many silent retreats, and have done years and years of coaching on topics ranging from health, self esteem, spirituality, and of course web work and social media too. So I approach…

Lexi Dogg

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Fitness trainer and unconditional love coach

Hospitality & Tourism Students Meet Social Media

This Friday I am speaking to about 150 Maui high school students who are in the hospitality and tourism track. My friend Pomai Weigert, of AliÊ»i Kula Lavender, is determined to get social media best practices embedded in our Maui tourism community as early as possible! She presented a number of awesome ideas at the Social Media Club Tourism event last October,…

Best Practices and Howto for a Twitter Hashtag Chat

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Hashtag chats on Twitter are one of the best ways to meet new people, learn new things (it’s a very dynamic form of crowd-sourcing!), share your experience and build your expertise. They can be a bit overwhelming though until you get a handle on them, so here is a cheat sheet to help you jump in the first time as a pro!…

Announcing Bare Feet Pro Blogs

Thank you for visiting the Bare Feet Pro Blogs post! We’ve recently moved all of our blog services over to its own website. Please learn more about here! Aloha, Roxanne

Tourism Tweetup: Connecting Locals & Visitors

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Ask any traveler: would you rather stay in a tourist compound (aka tourist ghetto) or get out and meet the locals? Overwhelmingly, travelers want to meet the locals! Social media can facilitate this in so many ways. Today I am promoting the idea of connecting guest travel bloggers with local bloggers, to enhance the coverage of the destination and to build a…