The Quiet Unsung Opportunities of Building Your Social Media Platforms

photo of President Obama's security team receiving updates on the death of Osama Bin Laden.

In case your business is suffering from Missouri (“Show Me”) syndrome, here’s yet another example of why you build your social networks online when times are easy, when times are good. There is no price that can be put on being ready with a track record, the experience on how to implement, and an established fan base for when “something big” happens….

Yes We Can

We stop for a few moments today to acknowledge the long, disciplined journey taken by our new president, Barack Hussein Obama and to open our hearts and minds to the possibilities that exist when we are more curious than critical and when we stand on our own two feet without unnecessary fear. May we embrace the admiration the rest of the world…

Clinton & Obama: A lesson of losing control of your brand

Many of my colleagues (Mitch Joel, Shel Holtz, Valeria Maltoni) and I frequently speak to members of PRSA, IABC, and advertising agencies explaining as best we can how consumers now own the brand. Good will increasingly cannot be bought and the political season is giving us striking examples of the mechanics of how “web 2.0” – “new media” – “social media” (choose…