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Mindful Goal Setting

Man meditating on the beach

Which may lead to UnGoals for the brave of heart and soul.

Social Media Events: New School or Old School?

Even though we have these amazing, 24/7 ubiquitous connections taking place on the social web, IRL (in real life) conferences are still booming. I think that many of us still long for those face to face connections, even more so now that our networks have blown way past the indications of Dunbar’s number. He he. This is an opinion piece about things…

Using Social Media to Promote Your Event: Step 1

We are the lead organizers for Podcamp Hawaii, coming this fall to Honolulu on October 24 & 25th. I’ll be using our company blog to share the behind-the-scenes planning process. Since it is an “unconference” there are several things that we do differently. First off, we are making this happen over a very short time span. Part of this is my insanity…

Garlic Festival & Borderfest: Making People Matter

Ed Struzik, an IBM guy by day and a Gilroy Garlic Festival 2008 President, is an awesome speaker. He mingled with the audience, encouraged questions throughout his presentation, and virtually demanded we interact with him. The festival is -16- 30 years old, far outlasting the typical festival life cycle of 3-5 years, as told to us earlier today by Dan McConnell. One…