PRSA: 10-Minute Tour of the Social Web

What a challenge! How do I give an overview of all that is the social web in 10 minutes? Fortunately, we have several other great speakers to follow and plenty of time for Q&A. (Dan Zelikman of StarrTech Interactive; Nadine Kam of Honolulu Star-Bulletin; and Mary Fasteneau of StarrTech Interactive) Twitter * negative incentive: U-haul and Exxon Mobile * positive examples: I…

Podcasting Listeners Are Paying Attention

I just love it when the data weighs in to support something I have witnessed anecdotally and intuitively known long before research could prove it. Podcasting does the heavy lifting of finding niche audiences and capturing their attention in a way that is otherwise unattainable to marketers. Be sure to read all the way down to Rox’s 4 L’s of Podcast Success….