Announcing: Your Mindful Social Media Business Coach

photo of Roxanne Darling, Mindful Coaching for Social Business

I want to be your social media business coach, offering a mindful approach to using these tools, and especially dedicated to consultants, artists, small business owners, marketing managers, and nonprofits. This is an idea that has literally been on my wish list, years in the making. But it was only recently that I found an awesome web-based platform.

Social Media Case Study: Collaborate with Traditional Media

Tehani Diaz of HCAP in PBN

Let me introduce you to my client, HCAP – Honolulu Community Action Program, Inc. They are among the top 10 largest nonprofits in Hawaii, with a wide range of services being provided across O Ľahu. I have been working with them for the past few months as a Social Media Executive-in-Residence. Somewhat surprisingly for an organization of its size, it had managed to…

Social Media and Tourism: Let’s Talk Together

We are all connected by Chris Kompst

I have been lobbying for many years to get the three voices together to support local business and build a sustainable, rich visitor experience here in Hawaii. We have many local bloggers and podcasters who have done enormous work to share the Aloha with others around the globe. We have small businesses who can now leverage their time and budgets using social…

Lies, Consciousness, and Social Media

If you are still depending on other people for your facts, now is a great time to rethink and learn to use the energy as your guidance system. Lies, Consciousness, and Social Media: What an utterly odd cocktail this is, you might be thinking. I agree! First the lies. Jerry Sandusky still claiming innocence after eye witness reports. The exposure of Lance…

Social Media from Maui to Mars at MWEPsm

Jill Carl and Erik Blair

We started here on Maui, and I gave a beyond the 30,000′ view – we got far out and a little wacky to create a social media experience – not just talk about it without interaction! And yes, Mars did come up. Like most successful social media events, it took a village! Mahalo to these folks in particular who came early and…

How to Buy Social Media Services: A Survey

social media survey graphic SMCHI 2011

As an initiative for the Social Media Club Hawaii Chapter in 2011, I set up a survey of social media practitioners, looking at compensation and services. I posted the early data we collected at a public event on this topic. Here is the summary data, delivered to you from the “Better Late Than Never” department. You can Download a PDF of the…